About Sunnymead Farm

The Lock family

Peter and I moved into Sunnymead Farm in 1994. The farm had ceased trading and the land was overgrown with no fences at all. Back then we both worked elsewhere so getting the place into shape was a long project. By 2001 we had two additions to our family in the way of our two sons and we had to take a long hard look at our finances. Deciding we did not want to move meant that Sunnymead Farm had to start paying its way.

We had noticed how the majority of camping sites in the area seemed to be catering for those who want pools, entertainment and children’s clubs. Whilst these sites can be brilliant in the winter for camping with children, we also knew that it is great fun to get back to simple camping in the spring and summer.

And so Sunnymead Farm camping and touring site was born.

Farm history

We know a little history of Sunnymead Farm, though it may not be entirely correct as our knowledge comes from old photos and stories from local people.

Sunnymead farmhouse was built in the 1930s by a local farmer, and at that time was called Upper Bickenbridge. During the second world war it became home to American troops who were based in North Devon and did training on the beaches here and the burrows at Braunton. The officers were housed in the farmhouse while the rest were housed in a row of Nissan huts along the north boundary of the land.


Sometime after the war Upper Bickenbridge became a chicken farm. I can remember as a child being driven past on the way to Woolacombe, and thinking how wonderful it must be to live there. To our knowledge it carried on trading as a commercial egg-producing chicken farm up until the late 1980s. We believe it was then that the name was changed to Sunnymead Farm.